Got a burning question about Nut & Co. products?  We hope you find the answer here.  If not, contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Q: Why is Nut & Co more expensive than other brands?

Well, that depends on what you're comparing it to. Nut & Co Almond milk is made with a ratio of 20% almonds. Plus we use totally organic almonds.

The percentage of almonds in most other brands is significantly lower than ours (some as low as 2%!) That means more flavour enhancers, preservatives and additives, and less of the real, natural goodness which comes from the almonds themselves.

So ask yourself. Is paying less for what is essentially Almond flavoured water worth it? We like to think we're reassuringly expensive.

Q: Where do your almonds come from?

A: We source premium quality ingredients from Australia.

Q: Are they organic?

A: Yes! We use organic almonds in our almond milks, and organic oats in our granolas.

Q: Do you activate your almonds?

A: Absolutely! Our almonds are soaked in filtered water for many hours to ensure they are at their nutritional peak when we press them into almond milk.

Q: My milk has separated! Why?

A: This is actually a good thing as it shows you how natural & wholesome our product is. Unlike most brands we refuse to use stabilisers, thickeners or emulsifiers to make our milk look pretty. Just give it a good shake!

Q: Why do I need to store it at 2'c?

A: Our almond milks are raw & unpasteurised, and will last an average of 4-5 days, if properly stored at 2'C. We recommend you keep your Nut & Co Almond Milk in the main part of the fridge, and not in the door (the door tends to be a degree or two warmer, and our almond milks like to be kept constantly cool!).

Q: My milk smells funny, but hasn't reached the 'Use by Date'. Why?

A: This doesn't necessarily mean it is off (unless it wasn't refrigerated properly!). This is often a side effect of the almond fats settling the bottle.

Q: Can I drink it after the Best Before Date?

A: If your Nut & Co Almond Milk still smells good to you, it should still be safe to drink. Just use your judgement!

Q: Can I freeze Nut & Co almond milks?

A: You can, though doing so changes the texture of the milk, making it not great for straight drinking, but still brilliant in a smoothie!

Q: Does someone need to be at home/work when you deliver?

A: Yes, absolutely. Our products have a 4-5 day shelf life and must be kept properly chilled at all times. We cannot leave our milks outside for someone to take indoors later.

Q: How do I get my local health food store to stock you?

A: Please send us the details and we'll take them some of our milk to try! If they add us to their range we will send you a Nut & Co hamper to say thanks!

Q: Why don't you use glass bottles?

A: This was a big struggle for us. We really wanted to use glass bottles! But then we looked into it: The energy used & carbon produced to make glass is higher than in the production of plastic bottles. Secondly, plastic uses much less energy than glass when it gets recycled. Of course, the bottles we have chosen are FDA grade & BPA free.

Q: I have a food intolerance can I drink almond milk

A: Unlike dairy products, almond milk is gluten, lactose, and cholesterol free. It's also vegan friendly, and unlike most almond milks, Nut & Co. almond milk is also free from artificial additives and preservatives.

Q: I'd love to stock your product commercially, what do I do?

A:We can and have had our almond milk stocked commercially. Just contact us, and we will advise on our wholesale pricing and delivery.